Really? Is it? Have you been to Wal-Mart lately? People do not seem that happy to me.

I strolled over to the electronics section, for no particular reason, just because I enjoy looking around in that section. Big Mamma and Madea were fighting over the last X-Box One. Pocketbooks and profanities were flying all over the place, and hitting hard. It was getting real ghetto. I decided I was best suited for a different department.

I went to the toy department. BIG mistake. ( I wish I could underline BIG. ) Parents were arguing amongst each other. Children were throwing themselves onto the floor screaming, "But I want it nooooooooooow!" Kids were climbing on the shelves while mothers were desperately trying to coax them down with threats that "Santa is watching you". Those kids couldn't care less who was watching. I was watching, and it didn't bother them one little bit. Up higher they went!

Okay, the grocery section? Can I go there in peace?


Mother-in-law is fighting with daughter-in-law about the kind of turkey they need to purchase for Christmas dinner. I had had enough. I walked over to the feuding two and screamed, "You had turkey for Thanksgiving!" as I threw a ham into their cart. They both looked bewildered, and headed for the check out aisle.

Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Happy bubbling everybody! picture credit: cindiowens' camera