It may be -13* but at least the sun is out! That is without windchill. It's quite calm out though. We will see the 20s again tomorrow for a brief day and some snow before it dips to the teens again. On the "bright" side Spring is only three weeks away! I hope Mother Nature knows this.

My little sister is here this weekend and I'm excited to see her! She's a hoot! Quite the witty 10 year old! We are taking a trip to the Apple store tomorrow to get her iPod fixed.

I think aside that, I'm taking this weekend for myself. I'm not going to do my usual and hang out with my friend I usually do on weekends. I want to catch up on Glee and enjoy my time at home in this super cold weather.

I need to get in extra work today because I want to go to Texas to see one of my best friends. He moved from Ohio years ago and it's been a LONG time since I've seen him. He likes to tease me with nice Spring pictures down there. He's a landscaper (and a damn good one at that!) and sends me pics of flowers and greenery and I'm so jealous! I'm not sure when I can go... he's asked me a couple times in the past few weeks to come down. I'm thinking for my birthday though in May. It gives me plenty of time to save and I'll have some birthday money to have as extra as well.

I hope everyone has a good day. I'm going to walk down to the church and volunteer for a couple hours.