Hello again bubblews, this will be my 3rd post on this site. I have got some nice feedback from a lot of you guys so I would like to contribute with a simple guide and reveal you some of the tactics high ELO players use.

What you will get after Reading this post: -Usefull information about League of Legends -Knowledge about specific tactics -Access to a special tool that can grant you riot points at no cost

There are a few tactics that are stronger than other, therefore we will be focusing those ones.Below will be listed the ones I think are the most important.

Using the bushes - Getting in a bush will cause the enemy having no idea which side you will possibly attack him from or you can even use it to escape from indefinite paths . Often , they will expect you to run to the end of the clump , allowing you to stop and wait until they pass you by . The brush allows you to use some invisible skills like Ambush Twitch and the Akali Smoke Bomb or by making you pass a clump to another or simply stop taking damage when activating their invisibility .

Spells to make your escape - Some skills like Sivir's Spell Shield can be used to escape abilities that disable enemies . When you find a Annie come gank you, you should expect stunning load and you use Spell Shield when using it . You can escape some skills with the summoner spell Flash as well but if you pop it then you should make sure of playing even more carefull during the cooldown time of the summoner spell, which is roughly 4minutes.

When using the Recall - Depending on the location of your enemies, you may decide to use the Recall ( B button ) in a safer place . The most typical place to use recall is a bush , because the enemies are not able to see you and they cannot attack you unless they facecheck the said bush or place a ward.

Lane phase : Advanced

Harassment - Choose between giving the final blow to an enemy minion or set can be difficult . Some important considerations : the enemy health regeneration , mana income and distance . Annie for example has exceptional damage before level 6 . However , it needs to decrease the enemy's health in half or three quarters before you can kill him . Start attacking your enemies around level 4 enables her to kill them. Always attack the oponente so you can damage him as most as possible.

Free Riot points: Owning all the champions is much better than being limited on the champions you can play, and even funnier, but in order to purchase champions you need either riot points or influence points. The last ones are harder to obtain as you can only get them by playing games. Riot points are easier to get because the only way to get them is to buy them directly from riot stores. It can be a little expensive to buy some or all the champions but if you have the right tool you will get them for free. In this link http://www.premiumhacks.info/league-of-legends-hack/ I was able to get around 10.000 Riot Points last week, so if you want to give it a try do it fast as the tools are patched very often.

Hope you enjoyed reading!