What is swagbucks? How to earn money from swagbucks online? Do swagbucks really pay? Is swagbucks a ligimate safe website? The answer to your question is very simple because swagbucks has been around the web for almost three years. The website states that you can make money online sitting home by simply playing games through entering tournaments, participating in daily polls, swagbucks weekly tournaments, NOSO (NOSO is not available in India), Swagbucks surveys, daily offers, searching the web, and etc.. To register with swagbucks visit http://swagbucks.com and get started.

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Swagbucks payed me twice PayPal $ 10 recently. I didn't played games, but I take swagbucks surveys, completed offers, voting on swagbucks daily polls and searching the web. Swagbucks will send a verification pin either to your postal address or through SMS (SMS verification pin is only available for United States users, United Kingdom users, Canadian users and now its fortunately available for Indian users too). The easiest way to get the pin is through SMS or email. I recieved the verification pin (VP) through SMS. You earn swagbucks and when you have 700 SB you can click the redeem button on swagbucks. Note that 700 swagbucks is only $ 5. To redeem $ 10 you need not 1400 swagbucks. You can redeem $ 10 once you have 1300 swagbucks. You need to wait for 7 to 16 business working days for the funds to arrive to your PayPal account. Any question you have, then fell free to ask, and I'll help you know the answers. Swagbucks is a ligimate website! Swagbucsk will never send funds to unverified PayPal account even for the first time, so make sure you have verified PayPal account before setting up your account with them because doing so you will have the worst consequences. Earning with swagbucks is very easy for people living in US, UK and Canada, but if you are planning to make a full time income from them them then you must take up other jobs rather than wasting to much time with them. In India users are earning very less and since many features have been disabled by swagbucks for Indians I suggest and recommend not to join since you will earn less, even Win To Search features have been disabled. Swagbucks has limited for Indians and Indians can hardly reache 700SB which is $5 in a month. You cannot win more than 2SB and recently last year I was getting 20 to 30 SB in single search and I can win the searches four to five times a day from them but unfortunately am only getting 2SB hardly these days. SWAGBUCKS is a ligimate and recommended website! BEST OF LUCK.