While Nathan seems to put up a front of nothing but happiness between him and Jenelle, she tends to let her fears and the gossip get to her and it shows when she gets on Twitter. Her bi-polar disorder affects her day-to-day life and now that she's pregnant, she has raging hormones on top of that and she's confessed to struggling with her depression brought on by her bi-polar disorder. So, what seems to be stressing this mama these days?

GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS, and MORE GIRLS! More specifically, the girls from Nathan's past- only in specific, though. Her name is Brianna Dorris and it all started when Jenelle started noticing Nathan going outside to take phone calls fairly often and when they went to New York City for the Teen Mom 2 interviews and all, the couple had been arguing more than usual and Nathan even went out on the town WITHOUT Jenelle. So, when he got back to the hotel room, she decided to go through his phone. And what did she find?

NOTHING! But, that didn't stop her- she decided to go through their shared phone bill records and she found one number in particular that was on his phone records repeatedly. She called and a female answered only to hang up on her and Jenelle continued digging by texting the number only to be shot down once more being told that she had the wrong number. Well, a twitter ensued when Brianna went and started posting statuses that Jenelle responded to because she believed they were directed towards her even though Brianna never tagged her in them.

Brianna: "Lmfao have fun blocking me from everything! Ball and chain don't last forever!"

Jenelle:"Yr so thirsty for Nathan it's too fucking funny. I'm pregnant, yr pregnant. That should say enough."

Brianna: "Bitch would you like to see my SS? I'd love to send them to you, I have your number!!"

The back and forth argument went on for a good round of tweets where Jenelle begged Brianna to post the screenshots (SS) where she could see proof and Brianna refused to post them online because "that's f****d up" so, Jenelle told her to send them to her in a text or private message and Brianna refused again. Then, Brianna revealed just how Jenelle snagged up her ex-boyfriend Nathan and it was pretty shady. Brianna and Nathan were in a relationship, living together, raising Brianna's daughter together when Jenelle came along and Nathan left her for Jenelle. Jenelle continued begging her to tell her the truth about her and Nathan and basically tell her if he was cheating on her and Brianna told her she had the proof in front of her, but she's gonna believe whatever she wants to believe and encouraged her to go through more phone records and look into his facebook messages.

The "you're a bitch/no, you're a bitch" continued for a while and nothing got resolved ultimately. Just two immature girls going on twitter to hash it out instead of being adults and WOMEN about the situation and talking on the phone. But, Brianna did do an exclusive interview with The Real Teen Mom Talk and she says that Nathan is only with Jenelle for the money (which wouldn't be surprising because that's all Courtland was in it for). She said she told him to come out to where she is living, but "he wants more money" and plans to stay with Jenelle until he drains her basically.

But, is any of this true? Can we trust this Brianna girl? Tell me what your thoughts are on the issue.

Source: The Real Teen Mom Talk