Some people have vivid images in their head of harming their babies. Or of accidents or bad things happening to their children.

Sounds like something no normal parent should be thinking right?

Wrong! This can be a very common thought pattern, especially in a first time parent. It's called Postpartum OCD and isn't talked about half as much as it should be. It's quite common, especially in first time mothers, but many people don't talk about it because they feel it makes them a bad person to have thoughts like this.

---------------------------> IMPORTANT: In this article we're talking about images that DISTRESS you, of harming your child or your child being hurt.

If you WANT to harm you child, you need to seek medical help immediately and understand that you need help ASAP. --------------------------->

In fact these thoughts don't make you a bad person, just a person who becomes worried and stressed about protecting this new and innocent little person from all the thousands of dangers that face them each day, whether those dangers are from yourself or strangers, from something little or something big. Often people mistakenly believe that having these types of thoughts mean they want to hurt their child when usually the opposite is true - they are worried FOR their child, and one of the ways these worries show themselves is in vivid imaginings of all the things that could go wrong.


Does it upset you or make you anxious when you have these thoughts? If so, then it's most likely postpartum OCD and a problem that you CAN fix.

If you feel this way, talk to your doctor about it. There are ways of working through these thoughts and dealing with them.

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