If you have ever looked around for ways to make money online, you have probably heard of Inbox Dollars. Inbox Dollars is a site that pays you to read paid emails, take surveys, do searches, etc. It also has a lot of different offers that you can complete for cash.

The minimum payout threshold is $30. I just submitted my first payout request and am supposed to be getting my first check in about two weeks. This is after being a member of Inbox Dollars for almost a year.

I'll admit, though, that I don't do a lot of the offers. Most of them are things that you have to pay for and that I don't want. Some of them are free trials and things that you have to submit your credit card number for, but I don't do them because I always forget to cancel my free trials. I also don't do the surveys because I never seem to qualify for them.

All I really do is click through the paid emails and print out coupons and redeem them, which snags you .10 each.

All in all, I think Inbox Dollars is worth it because you can spend a few minutes each week clicking through your emails in order to make a few cents. I wouldn't suggest it for someone who is looking for a way to make a real living online, though. However, I have to admit that the $30 check will be a nice surprise when I receive it.

Have any of you ever used Inbox Dollars? If so, what has your experience been like?