Apple iOS 7 comes loaded with new features for users and developers, but can still keep some aces up his sleeve. It had been discovered that a hidden settings panel exists with a number of options used by Apple to enable experimental features or modify on the fly the myriad of parameters involved in the behavior of the new system. Since multi-touch gestures to move between applications quickly eliminate options for default applications or enable the creation of subfolders. Let's see what we can see in the new iOs 7 for the iPhone

It was not yet indicated how this menu is activated. Most interesting perhaps are the new gestures, including sliding from one side edge used by some iOS 7 apps and Messages, Mail or Safari, and two new gestures for fast switching between applications: swipe from a corner and hold on a side.

The ability to hide preinstalled apps is also among these hidden settings and creating folders within folders, a feature that actually had more sense than iOS iOS 6 where the folders are not limited to a single page , but perhaps you can fit quite well in a desirable file manager.

Other options allow you to adjust the speed of the animations or blur, saturation and color brightness and adaptive transparencies. Nothing can be expected to found between the settings visible to users until public version of iOS 7 is released but still interesting for possible leads you can provide about the plans of the company on the block.