This morning I saw a crew working on a manhole with a huge wire spool and a makeshift railing around the hole. I looked inside it, and there was all this electrical and piping stuff. I'm assuming it's all for the outside air vent that is nearby, and whatever else it is connected to.

I saw another crew working on another manhole with a makeshift railing around it. This one had a ladder going down into it! Wow, I can just imagine going down there. That would be so cool! I would love to be able to see what makes up the underground of UT!

I wonder if the people going down there see it the same way. Maybe they do at first, but then the fun is taken away by the job the have to do down there, unless they enjoy it. I would love to be able to explore all those tunnels. Maybe there is an entrance in a ditch somewhere. I bet you could get lost pretty easily!

Captcha: Bon voyage

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