InstaGC is obviously the best offer site online for making money. This article is mostly just keeping all you instaGC users up to date on what I have going on with my site.

If you do not know what instaGC is, or have not joined it yet, feel free to check out my site for more info:

If you are familiar with my site, you might know that we post all of the new point booster codes, and post some updates that happen to instaGC. If you have visited the site recently you might notice that we also added a page for bonus PBC'S (Point Booster Codes). On this page we post a weekly community challenge and if completed, we will provide a special PBC only available to the users of IGC Helper.

Also today we added another helper to our site named Jake, and he will be actively posting instaGC Updates, along with competitions for Point Booster Codes, currently there is a competition going on that is worth 100 points. Depending on how well this competition goes, we will continue to provide these competitions.