It’s floating all over the internet that claiming an Indian woman had just broken the world record by giving birth to 11 babies at once. Looking at the picture, you will 11 babies laid side by side on a hospital trolley with a team of doctors and nurses looking on them. The picture itself is genuine. However, those babies are not born with the same mother. In fact, picture shows eleven babies all born on the same date, 11-11-11, in Surat City India. How unique isn’t it?! But all of these babies were test tube babies. In addition, there are no credible sources or medical reports about such a multiple birth. The highest number of babies on time is nine or the “Nonuplets” born to one mother. According to the records, the first woman to give birth Nonuplets was an Australia woman in 1971, but none of the babies lived more than six days. In 1999, a Malaysian woman also has Nonuplets but all died within 6 hours of birth.

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