Now I have no idea who invented them and if indeed they are derived from one country of origin, I have no idea why they are so called either… But what I do know is I love them and I salute the man or woman who thought…

“Hmm I have these eggs and if I boil them and wrap them in some sausage meat and then breadcrumb they might taste good… Ooo and what if I deep fry them too”

Yes I have loved scotch eggs since I was small, I probably spent far too long as a young man wondering how they managed to create such a delicacy.

I know that when I was in junior school aged around about 7 we did cooking in class and they let us make cheesy scotch eggs, course there was no health and safety then and give an inquisitive seven year old boy a cheese grater and a few minutes and you end up with quite literally a bloody mess.

Well I mixed it all in and they still tasted ok… it did take my fingers and knuckle a few weeks to get skin back though.

And as I grew older I found a take away in Bristol that is quite possibly legendary within the Bristol of the 80’s and 90’s… The Sun Valley on Gloucester Road. They did amazing things with omelettes and occasional Greek dishes too as well as the usual fish and chip shop fare. They also did roast potatoes which was a little unusual and faggots and peas which was not.

But the best thing in that place was the scotch eggs, hot and double crispy due to the fact that they were deep fried a second time. Oh the joy of one of those with a bag of chips and a pickled egg….!! Hmm I didn’t have a girl friend at that time… I wonder why?

And recently I have found the joys of the gastro pub experience where you can have scotch eggs that are runny in the middle… Looks like I will have to become that confused child again and try and work out that little piece of culinary magic.

So do you like scotch eggs? The problem in this house is that if I buy some and leave them in the fridge I will often pop down to the kitchen for a late night snack and find what looks like a perfectly normal scotch egg awaiting me only to find it’s just a shell and that the egg has been removed… and who does this dastardly deed… who indeed miss @Merrymaidlilly who indeed!!

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