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100 million dollars were spent on this mission

People have turned sending of Mangalyaan to Mars into a huge debate, as they feel this is wastage of money whereas the pro-group feels it was of utmost importance.

I feel this space expedition was of utmost importance because: 1. It gives us opportunity to showcase our prowess and thus opening the doors for business and help in getting multi-billion dollar contract. 2. If our country gets big contracts, it will further help in research and development of our space program giving the young generation employment and opportunity to serve the nation and utilize their knowledge. 3. It will help India propel in the elite club of only a few country which are able to do so and will be enough prestigious for us. 4. It will be a big boost for those scientists who have worked day and night in the pursuit of knowledge and this fructifies their talent, hard work, dedication, and this is kind of acknowledgment so that they can keep on putting their enthusiasm further. 5. If we continue to progress like this and give wings to the commitment of our scientists, they will surely make India a hub of scientific projects and there will be no brain drain, as they simply leave India for better opportunities to settle abroad.

Considering the above benefits, 100 million dollars is definitely a miniscule amount. What do you think?

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