I am hoping you all know this but for those who don't, America is in the grip of an Illuminati fist that threatens to make life so difficult for millions that they just cannot go on. We all live in a debt ridden society that is spiraling out of control, the governments cannot stop this, it is inevitable that monetary systems around the world WILL crash at some point. There are only so many assets that a person, a town, a state or a country have before it goes bust. A way to look at what is going on is to think of 7 billion people playing a game of monopoly where a few people (Illuminati) start the game with all the top streets, electric company, train stations etc on the board, the rest of us have only a few safety zones, chance, community chest and free parking. Chance and community chest are like the own luck you make in life, free parking is a lotto win, if you don't get these, sorry your out of the game and the game continues without you, if you own a property (your home), a street with assets (country) they want it at all costs. At the end of the game only the Illuminati are left to live their lavish lives while the rest of us are homeless, starving or dead. Can this be stopped? Yes! one of two ways either the Illuminati say "okay this is not fair, let's start again, we all start equal this time." Which is never going to happen.The other way, is like in a western film where the cowboy is being cheated at poker, he throws the table and comes out shooting. Metaphorically speaking that is the only way we can ever get out of our monopoly lives.