How wonderful world can be if animals can talk.

If we don't have somebody to talk to, we can talk to our pet. They could give us advice, share their opinions regarding with what the country have been through like the chaos or conflict that is happening in some of the country. They could scold us of being harsh to them or we forgot to feed them. They will remind us not to bath them with too cold water.

Maybe all of the people will be a vegetarian if this will happen. No one could kill animal as their food. Maybe there will be some but if the people will about to kill them the animals will beg with bended knees not to kill them because they want to live or whatsoever. They will cry and telling you that there is somebody punch or kick them. Maybe we could see chicken saying goodbyes to her chicks because she is about to cook for dinner. :)

Thinking of this will happen really makes me imagine talking to my dog. Share to her my happiness, sorrows, problems, or hatred to somebody. And maybe she could give me great advices that a human could not give. I miss her! I miss you flirt! :)