Idiot game is a self-explanatory mobile game where your mind is tested. The game actually tests your I.Q. on how fast you can react to a certain things, how fast you can memorize, how your common senses work, and more. This is a fun and exciting game anybody doesn't want to miss!

Points to remember Now, I'll give you some hints about playing the game.

Touch 5 times Touch the red box five times (count it) then stop and wait for the next game. Follow the instructions carefully. If it says "Don't touch the button", then don't touch anything until the game changes.

Bats Bats are the most difficult part here in Idiot game because it is very complicated. For example but this is not the actual way, tap the big bats twice, tap the small red bats once, tap the small blue bats, thrice, tap the big orange bats 4 times, and more. Something like that. Sometimes, the game will give you multiple bats with different colors and sizes. Sometimes, a black small bats must not be tapped. Anything you do that is not in the instruction will result to game over. Enjoy! And enjoy the game!

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