Ideas for making money on the Side using Polymer Clay

I am looking for extra work. I took a lower paying job. I am trying to come up with ways I can make more money. I like to write so this is one choice, but I am considering making some polymer clay things. I have seen the polymer clay pens they are cool. In addition, I am thinking of making Polymer Clay Cake Toppers for Weddings, Birthdays, and any other kind of parties. The items I would make will be one of a kind only. Some other ideas are making polymer clay dolls. I am artistic so I think after some time practicing I should be able to make some baby dolls. I am considering mini dolls as well.

You can watch videos and see that there are many people who make charms. With so many people, making charms I doubt will make a lot of money with charms. A way to find what sells best is to check and do an advanced search. In the advanced search, you can chose items that have already been sold. I would sort by completed recently. This way you can see what the current selling prices are. This will help you decide what to make as well as what will give you the most money for the work you do.

I am getting excited as I like to be creative and think this will be a fun challenge even if I do not sell a lot.