Every time we go out into the town of Silverdale( maybe once a week) we stop by the local 7-11 and get an ICEE. I normally get a cherry one, and my husband and son enjoy the blue kind. I think it's blue raspberry.

So when I saw a box of 32 ICEE freeze push pops I had to get them to try them. Are they good for you? No way, full of sugar. However as a treat they are nice. The flavors are cherry, sour apple, and blue raspberry. I'm happy to report that they all taste like their 7-11 twins.

I had never tried a sour apple ICEE, so I just tried one about ten minutes ago while catching up with my contacts. It of course, has an artificial taste, that goes without saying ( even though I just did hahaha) but it also actually kind of DOES taste like a green apple. It's decent. Not my favorite, that's cherry. But worth trying if you like ICEEs and freeze pops.