A few years ago I chanced upon a several hundred dollar bills all totaling to a million dollars. This was at the local (my country's) lottery where the million dollars was at the stake. At the time when my name came up it did not sound realistic. Nothing changed upon receiving the news until the next day when it finally sunk in. It now dawned on me that I had a million dollars in the bank, an amount I had never dreamt of ever getting in my life!

Congratulatory messages poured in from all quarters, family, friends and people I never knew alike. I should have known most were "predatory" messages! I started pondering at all I could do with the money, buy all I could afford at the time, invest etc. It sounded like a lot of money at the time that I could not spend it all in my lifetime.

All these happened over the weekend. I did not even bother waking up for work on Monday morning. I believe my mean, aged employer (whom I did not like anyway) had heard the news, filled the blank spaces for himself and did not call to ask why I’m not in yet. He'll have to find another poor technician for his garage to torment, not a millionaire that I’d become!

Over the next couple of months I "rewarded" myself frivolously. A mansion in the city's leafy suburbs was my first buy; a one bedroom was not enough for me anymore. Being a car lover a four-wheel fuel guzzling, monster would not be left behind, a brand new Ford truck from the show room was more like it. I could afford it anyway. How wrong I was!

Despite all the spending on myself I managed not to forget family and friends with needs here and there. What I remember the most though was a relative's kid who needed a heart transplant, I donated to his medical care handsomely. I confess though that all of that was a drop in the ocean compared to what I spent on myself.

The last nail to the coffin came in the form of hot beauties. Some ladies from my past warmed up to me. In such a way I could not see their malicious intentions, feel stupid at times when I remember that, appalling. What followed was a string of over-indulgence in party life day in day out without regard. I distanced anyone who tried to talk "sense" into me, parting ways with very many friends while at it. Trips to sun, sand and sunshine in far flung countries became frequent.

This lifestyle continued for a long time and the rest is history. A long while later, alone one morning I called the bank to ask on the status of my account. The answer that came through was shocking as it was unnerving. I though the lady on the other end had given me a wrong breakdown. I did not believe a reaffirmation from her supervisor either. This was absurd. Walking to the local branch a short while later revealed the same!

Credit cards I had taken out were in debt and could not be covered by the account balance. This was so shameful that I lost this much control of everything. To cut the story short the bank came for the mansion and the car to cover the shortfall. Even the lawyer I had on a retainer had an empty bag of tricks to help me out. I had not read the fine print on anything I signed; my thinking was always that money will sort whatever arose, how wrong!

Hope by now you realize this is fictional and I was just wondering how things go very horribly wrong with some lottery winners. It goes to show having money without the skills to manage it is just as bad as signing your death warrant!

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