This is from the same site I won on a few months ago. I can't mention the site because I'm not sure if it's OK to do that. I know we can't post referral links. But it appears I won for the best survey once again too like last time because it was $100.00! We answer some survey questions and then have a choice wether or not to make up a survey for their site. Once in a while I can think of one.

They pay by Paypal, like here. I had no problem getting payment last time, either. They sent me a confirmation email right away, as in automatic. So I know it's going to be in my Paypal in no time. I haven't even been playing there as I used to, I kind of got bored. I never thought I would win that much again, it's just not in the odds. But surprisingly I did! I should go play the lottery now, haha. I never win those. It's nice to win some money. I had been bummed out when I lost out on some payments here, I guess it helps to make up for it on that site.

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