Publisher's Clearing House was having a sweepstakes to determine who would a grand prize of $5,000 A Week for Life, I entered as many times as I could to try to win, and the results came earlier today from their official Facebook page. And unfortunately that winner wasn't me but I have to congratulate the person who did win instead. I know the odds are very, very low to win, so with something like this you cannot really expect to win, or really even truly think you are going to, you just hope you are going to win. But you never know if that winner will be you since naturally ONE person will always win, and while unlikely you can BE that one person. So while I have never won something from the main Publisher's Clearing House website, I have won a $5 Amazon gift card from one of their Facebook apps, so at least all my entries to all of their sweepstakes haven't been a total loss.