I've said it before how much I like Jimmy Fallon. He just cracks me up--with his jokes, his expressions, and his seemingly genuinely boyish joy with the fun he has on his late night show.

Now I want one of his Christmas sweaters. Have you seen that bit? I noticed it first last Christmas season when he would give away a gaudy Christmas sweater every night during the holiday season. It's so funny--the presentation, the way he treats it like it's the most beautiful thing in the world. The sweater, that is. And I love the audience member's reaction. Sometimes they don't seem too excited, but usually they play along with how awesome this sweater is. I find it especially entertaining when a male wins the sweater. I mean, putting a flashy, over-the-top Christmas sweater on a guy . . . it's just funny.

Have you seen this bit on Jimmy Fallon? Would you like to have our own Jimmy Fallon Christmas sweater? There is no other like it. :-)

Photo Credit: Author in Paint (It's been a while.)

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