I have been an avid user of Mozilla Firefox sine the year 2008 when I first started browsing the internet and after an initial start with Internet Explorer, I shifted to using Firefox which seemed more user friendly to me and ever since that time I've used that only. But I also have Google Chrome installed in my computer for which I recently did after a friend of mine advised me to have a back up in case if Firefox should crash.

I guess today was the day that Firefox crashed repeatedly and I wasn't able to Bubble smoothly and since I need to browse the articles with focus so I had to open Bubblews in Google Chrome for the first time rather unwillingly. But I felt so uncomfortable using Chrome that I downloaded the version 27.0.1 of Firefox immediately and did upgraded from old one after coming to know that the instability of Firefox might have been due to this missing upgrade and since then the problem seems to have been resolved and I'm back to Bubbling with my most preferred browser, Mozilla Firefox that is :-)


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