Fiesta is coming to our barangay (village) very soon. There so many events happening in our village like beauty pageant and sports. I’ve registered in Basketball game because it is the game I can play but my favorite sport is Sepak Takraw lol I can’t do anything that Sepak is not listed in sports game in our village so for now I will play basketball. But the first game was set and held last Saturday and I didn’t play because I have a duty of that day. I couldn’t do a thing except imagining what is happening in that very 1st game with my teammates. I am so really ready to play on our street basketball that I’ve been prepared for a long time haha. For all the free time to set why they choose to held it on my busy day that I was always duty. Well next time I will play for it I couldn’t waste my preparation for that I really do practice to play with my teammates in the inter color basketball on our village.

I wish my teammates will do all the best to win even if I didn’t participate in the match. It is for fun only I’d never intend to be a star player haha. I just want to demonstrate what I’ve practicing before so I can contribute to my team. Anyway good luck to my team and enjoy the game.

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