Listia is like eBay, but on a points based system. Basically you 'give' things away for points and use those point to bid on other auctions. I love it! I used it a lot near the holidays last year, and am gearing up for a new season! I have noticed @HeatherPerk 's posts about how much she loves it too. I asked her for her name on there, so I can follow her auctions. My name on there is 'lilfaerie' and here is a link to my profile. Aren't I amazing? Look at that 100% feedback rating:

I think it is ok to post that, because it really isn't a site where you can make money lol. In fact, all of my auctions have free shipping, so that I have to pay for. However, I look for auctions that also have free shipping, so that it sort of evens out. I got so many cute stocking stuffers on there last year for the little ones. Oh and it is completely free. You don't have to pay to sign up or anything. It is just fun. You can refer people, but it is against the rules at Bubblews to post referral codes, so I won't. Just wanted to share how much I love this site, and if you join or are a member, be sure to tell me, so that I can check ya out!

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