I just drank some kombucha, fermented tea, for the first time. It comes cold, and there are little fermentation bubbles in it. I like it! It's sort of tangy, and it makes me want to sip it rather than swig it down fast. I detect a yeasty taste in it as well, but it's pleasantly yeasty.

I had read somewhere that there's a kombucha rage going on, so I guess I'm being super cool as I sip it, waiting for my vegetarian sandwich of turkey saitan, sprouts, Swiss cheese, and tomato. I'm treating myself to a solo lunch downtown after shopping. The place is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It's called "The Seed." it bills itself as a worker owned collective, and everything's vegetarian or vegan, if you want.

So what better place to try kombucha, fermented tea.

Have you tried it?

(Photo from Morguefile.com No attribution required.)