I hate Armadillos!

I used to think they were cute, but that’s because I only saw them on television…and they were not in my yard!

Within the last few years these nasty critters have migrated to the Carolina coast, and have made themselves quite a nuisance. They have plowed through what used to be a decently landscaped area around the front of my house, digging holes and scattering the mulch everywhere. They have uprooted many of the plants, and have generally left a path of destruction in their wake.

They insist on "rooting up" holes over my entire yard. It has gotten so bad that we have to be careful of every step we take so that we don’t accidently step into one of these holes and fall and twist an ankle…or worse!

I really can’t stand them. They are so creepy with their little pig-like snouts and their long claws. I wish I knew how to get rid of them once and for all. Did I mention…I hate armadillos!

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Photo: from my personal collection owned by me