Observing the summer fashions around me while going back to school, there is one that really stands out--short shorts. Now mind you, I wore shorts back in the day, yet my mother thought that short shorts were a bit much.

I see the different lengths of short shorts (there is a length?) and I wonder did any of the women looked in the mirror at their back side to see how short is short. They say that they feel sexy and it's hot outside so why not?

Eh, well I have found those colorful dresses that come mid length and long rather cool and very feminine. That's me though. I wonder how in the world do these women bend down; knees together bending or just bending over without a care in the world who is watching.

Of course you will get those who want to be defensive and say 'don't look'. In some cases, it staring at you, in your face so you will look and be stunned.

I remember the Nair commercial where the girls would sing: "who wears short shorts?" They dance around in short shorts with smooth legs but the difference is that their shorts were tasteful.

How short is short?

Pic courtesy of http://www.thatsright.com

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