It sounds pretty silly, huh? Unfortunately, my mom and my grandmother haven't had luck in love. They're both pretty convinced that men are all the same. They're awful and only out there to hurt women and break their hearts. I often roll my eyes at these accusations because the moment a man does something great everything is fine again. That is, until that man does something that hurts someone again.

I don't understand it.

Not all men are the same, just as all women aren't the same. I don't want to be a man hater just because "All men are the same." I don't want to have that outlook. If I get into a relationship I'll be expecting to get hurt, and that wouldn't be good for the relationship in the long run. I think it's a bit silly. It's okay to be mad at the person who hurt you, but I don't see a reason in being angry with their whole gender.