I keep seeing this website on television. I went to socialsecurity 211 and it is a newsletter that tells how seniors can save money on a bunch of things. Supposedly it will tell you how to save 50 percent on your groceries. How to get more in your social security check by filling out forms differently. It seems the first month will only cost you a fee of $1.97 to cover processing. After 30 days they will charge you mathematically for the next month. This information comes to you monthly and there is a fee after the first month. There is nothing on the website that tells me how much I will have to pay. I did read if I cancel before the 30 days are up they will not charge me.

I wanted to know if anyone has heard about this site. I am looking to find people who get this newsletter or booklets to see if it is worth the trouble. I figure this is just another scam but you never know. When you least expect it something is real and good.

I look forward to hearing from others.