So I was saying during my first post that me and my boyfriend will be celebrating our 3rd year or being together and actually I gave it a them as "Three Plus", I am actually declaring it that we will be together in more than 3, hehe and that is Forever. So we went to this Restaurant and guess what, this Restaurant was only a dream for the both of us. We usually pass by there before when we were still students and kept on declaring, some day we will eat together there and there we go. We ate on our dream restaurant.

We really had a great time chatting each other while enjoying the breeze of the air since it's a by the sea restaurant.

What a grateful night. I thank God for the 3 years, I continually Thank God for the next years. I believe, the Lord will always be there for us and He will rule over our relationship.

My friends kept on telling me when will be the wedding, well we have plans regarding that but that is not so soon yet. hah