What a good day it is turning out for me. In the early morning I received a mail from Bubblews that they will transfer the money within 5 days in my pay pal account. Another happy moment comes when India won the Test Match against West Indies and just now I received a message from my bank that my salary is credited in my account. So till now its a very good day for me, I think I am very Lucky today. Every month I get the salary on the 10th day of the month but this time it becomes very late. All the employees of my company were eagerly waiting for the salary. Because, at the time of distributing salary the owner of the company was on tour, so because of his unavailability we could not receive the salary. It becomes very bad when you are not payed after working so hard for a month, but now everything is good. I hope I will enjoy this weekend and also do some shopping and clear my debts. I wish every day of my life becomes as lucky as today & have a very lucky day to all my Bubbler friends.