Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina, two young Ukrainian who became famous because of puppet appearance, turned from friends to rivals. The two had much in common and get along great, but it seems that the battle for supremacy destroyed their friendship.

It all started with an invitation that Anastasia Spaghina received it from a television in Japan, where she was asked to tell her story. In a social network, blonde Valeria Lukyanov asked her if people there showed interested in her

"They also asked me? Am Ithe most popular doll in the world, it's weird that they have asked of me," she said. Once you have fought in the virtual environment, the two met and shared acid dialogue and on the Internet has turned into a full-fledged battle.

Later, Anastasia posted a video on YouTube that shows how bad was hit by one of those that was, until recently, her best friend.