This bill needed to be passed yesterday. It would give student loan borrowers the same rights that corporations and fat cats have to bankruptcy protection. It would allow borrowers to discharge part of their debt through public service... if the House ever allowed any public service jobs to be created. Why the House wants to raise student loan interest rates instead of helping students is a matter of greed, corruption and answering to unelected shadow governments.

Govtrack gives the bill a zero percent chance of ever getting out of committee or being passed.

The basic text of HR 3892 is,

"To establish student loan borrowers' rights to basic consumer protections, reasonable and flexible repayment options, access to earned credentials, and effective loan cancellation in exchange for public service, and for other purposes."


Reinstatement of a six year statute of limitations on collecting.

Prohibits collection through wage garnishment, taking tax refunds or taking from Social Security and other offsets

Makes an income contingent payment plan called "Pay as you earn."

Stops the government from suspending professional licenses for non payment of student loans

Students cannot be blocked from getting their transcripts

Loan cancellation for 5 or more years of public service or in areas that are described as for national needs.

The bill was introduced in January by Rep. Frederica Wilson, a Democrat from Florida's 24th District.

The co-sponsors are:

Corrine Brown (D,Fl) Eleanor Norton (D,Co) Bobby Rush D,Il) Madeleine Bordallo (D,Guo) Judy Chu (D-Ca)

Bordallo and Chu joined on February 3

The bill must go through these Republican dominated House committees, each of which has a Republican chairman ready to kill it.

Education and the Workforce

Oversight and Government Reform


Ways and Means

It is about time students who cannot get work can get some relief from their student loan debt. A dysfunctional government won't let them graduate from high school with the skills to go to work. The system pushes students into heavy debt for technical school courses that should be taught in grades 11 and 12.

The students become cash cows for private lenders who also lobby to get loan interest rates raised. The private lenders also get to use harsh collection practices that everyone else is protected from through bankruptcy. This whole thing is a corrupted mess.

This breaks my heart because most of my generation had a real nation, real jobs and real opportunities. To see the young being gouged like this is sickening.

We all know that public service does not pay nearly as well as for profit work. Forgiving student debt would help educated, entry level workers to get rid of that debt burden in exchange for the lower pay.

Meanwhile, our so-called "leaders" continue to trick young people into "education" programs. We know those programs and schools are set up to enrich for-profit businesses. The students end up jobless and in debt.

At least a bill of rights has been introduced. Hopefully we will get back to having a real House of Representatives that will pass it some day.

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Text of HR 3892

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