No doubt, red lips look visually appealing. That is why women apply lipstick on their lips to redden them and make them look beautiful. But have your ever used beetroot on your lips to give them pinkish stain? If not, then read this article and you will know how to use beetroot to make your lips pink and rosy.This article unravels the secrets of getting pink lips naturally using beetroot .

Squeeze a beetroot and extract the juice out of it. Apply the juice of beetroot on your lips.You will be pleasantly surprised to see the redness of your lips. Practice this recipe daily and you will see you lips are getting pink, on continuous use.

You can dry the pieces of beetroot in the sun and grind them in a grinder. Mix this powder with rose water and apply on your lips. It makes your lips so red and soft that you need not apply lipstick on your pout.You can add glycerin to this mix to prepare a wonderful lip-balm at home.

So from now on, use this tips and be all set to get a pinkish and rosy lips naturally.