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Diarrhea is what seems like a miniscule problem when happens and not provided proper care at time squeezes out most of the water and salt required for normal functioning of the body and we are left feeling drained, squeezed out, fragile and weakness envelops even to perform a small task. We need immediate attention to restore our bodily fluids and salt composition.

I never resort to pharmacological means that is modern chemical pills or tablets to stop or cure diarrhea, as I always rely on natural remedies and these remedies have always helped me in stopping the loss of water and loss of essential salts from the body. Then, I go on to restore what is lost from the body to get back to the original position through natural remedies again, i.e., restoring the normal flora and fauna of bacterial colonies in our gut.


We need to do two things while stopping diarrhea. First is to restore the hydration or water content of the body. Secondly, restore the salt loss, particularly sodium and potassium.

a) PSYLLIUM HUSK — The best thing I have used on myself and seen my grandpa giving to thousands of people and seen it always helping instantly by stopping diarrhea is psyllium husk also known as Ispaghula, Isabgol, or psyllium. It is a natural plant product and available over the counter everywhere in the world under different brand names. It absorbs and retains all the loose water in the stomach and stops the passage of watery diarrhea thus helping in stopping the loss of water and salt from the body. As it is a gluten free product, anyone who is having gluten allergy can use this.

Take a bowl of curd and put two tablespoon of psyllium husk in it. Put a pinch of salt and half teaspoon of sugar in it. Mix everything well and leave it for two minutes and then eat it. Repeat this whenever you feel hungry. The psyllium husk will stop your diarrhea instantly. Curd will restore the bacterial flora and fauna of your gut. Salt and sugar will restore the lost salt from your body.

b) BANANA — Take one fully ripe banana, mash it in a bowl, and pour half a cup of curd in it with a pinch of salt. Mix this well and eat whenever you are hungry. This will stop the constipation, restore the salt lost from the body, and maintain the flora and fauna of your gut.

c) ELECTROLYTE WATER — When we are in diarrhea, the body loses most of its electrolyte and water which is required for normal functioning of the body. To restore this, drink over-the-counter electrolyte or make yourself at home by adding a pinch of salt and one teaspoon of sugar in a cup of water. Drink this mixture every hour to restore your lost electrolyte and water level of the body.

d) COCONUT WATER— We get devoid of water and many minerals during diarrhea and need urgent replacement. Coconut water is the best replacement as it is a very rich source of different minerals like potassium, sodium, and magnesium along with water and carbohydrate for energy. So, it is a wholesome best food or drink for a diarrhea patient to back into normal life.

e) BRAT — BRAT stands for banana, rice, applesauce, and toast. This diet is considered safe and suitable while you are in stomach problem like diarrhea. As our stomach is in weak while we have diarrhea and we cannot digest or withstand harsh or heavy foods, this BRAT diet is specially designed for us.

f) YOGHURT OR CURD — Yoghurt contains friendly bacteria of our gut which creates the flora and fauna of a healthy intestine. When we have stomach upset or diarrhea, the bacterial colonies get disturbed and destroyed. So to regain the healthy bacterial colonies back, we need to eat curd on a daily basis, especially when we have a stomach upset.

g) RICE AND LENTIL PORRIDGE — In Asian countries, we prepare a porridge of rice and lentil (only split green gram). This is very soothing for our stomach during diarrhea. Simply take half cup rice and one-fourth cup "split green gram" and wash them well. Now add six cups of water, salt to taste, and a pinch of turmeric and over-boil it. Let it cool and eat it. Alternatively, in the Asian Supermarket, you will get rice porridge ready-to-make packets of different flavor like chicken, egg, shrimp, etc. Buy them, read the instructions and boil them.

h) OAT PORRIDGE — Oat porridge is the perfect choice, as oatmeal contains soluble fibers which absorbs water in our stomach and stop any further loss of water and vital nutrients from our body. It is easy to digest, reset the vital nutrients, gives us energy, and helps us get back to our daily activities soon.


a) Milk products except curd. Even if you get cured from diarrhea, try to avoid milk and milk based products except curd for 15 days, as it may aggravate your condition and diarrhea can recur. Milk contains lactose and once we become lactose intolerant, it induces diarrhea. Personally for me, if I will drink a glass of milk daily for 4 to 5 days, the 6th day I will have confirm diarrhea.

b) Do not eat fried products like French fries or any other deep fried items. Avoid oil or oil based foods. Our stomach's natural flora is disturbed and it just cannot digest greasy foods. So, try to avoid it for at least 15 days and then slowly you can restart eating whatever you like.

c) Avoid any food which is not easy to digest and causes bloating and gas. Our stomach is weak at this juncture, so we cannot load it with heavy food which we know are heavy to digest. So eat BRAT diet and yoghurt or curd and avoid eating heavy food.

d) Avoid coffee or caffeinated products during stomach upset or diarrhea, as it can get your condition prolonged or may worsen it. Coffee contains laxative properties in it and should be avoided even if you are cured of stomach upset for the first 15 days. Sometimes, coffee alone trigger diarrhea. So if you get diarrhea after drinking coffee, simply avoid it.

e) Take rest as our body needs it badly.

If you wish to add any proven local natural remedy, you are always welcome to do so in the comment box below for this article How To Stop Diarrhea — Through Natural Remedies

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