Facebook has revealed there are now more than 83 million fake users. The astonishing figure makes up 8.7% of all Facebook's 995 million active users. According to data, many of the profiles are people pretending to be celebrities. These findings don't surprise me at all whatsoever!

It's not hard to spot a fake person. All it takes is practice. A fake person is someone that you can't count on. They tell you that they have your back, but in reality they don't. A fake person acts one way with you and when you walk away, they're laughing and talking behind your back. Fake people go along with the crowd because they want to be popular and well-liked. On the other hand, there are the fake users. The ones who pretend to be your friend in order to gain something from you and once they achieve status or recognition, they dump you like a hot potato.

A fake smile showing off your pearly whites is another indication of a fake person. Since non-verbal communication consists of 93 percent body language and only 7 percent communication according to research, it's easier to spot a fake persona through body language and eye contact. If someone is being fake to you, then you can choose to ignore them or just flash your pearly whites right back at them. You'll make them wonder!

You can find fake people at your workplace and just about everywhere. Your best friend can be fake and you might not even know it. For example, how do they react when you talk to them about your career accomplishments? Pay close attention to the cues or signals they're sending out. If your best friend gossips to others behind your back, she might be jealous or even threatened by you. Secondly, a fake best friend or person claims to always have your back, but when you really need them, they're not supportive at all. They always have an excuse as to why they're not around. If you do hear back from them, it's at their own time and when it's convenient. A fake friend will definitely not invite you out to parties and much less to their place. They don't want to be seen with you when they're around the popular crowd.

Other indications that you're dealing with a fake friend or person are: they only call you when they're bored or need something from you. They don't really care how you're doing. Fake friends will gossip about you to those who talk badly about you. If they can get everybody who likes you against you, then there you go. A fake person hardly ever talks to you, but when they've been sick and finally come back to school, they expect you to let them borrow your notes. If you decide not to let them copy your homework, consider them your enemy from this point forward. It's never a good idea to let anyone borrow your notebook. They won't return it and if they do, you'll find pages missing or torn apart.

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