My daughter Carly recently got her first set of markers to color with. Our neighbor from across the street brought them over for her the other day with a coloring book. My daughter loves to color but had only used crayons. I was a little nervous to have her use the markers but she did pretty well. I made her sit at the kitchen table and used a plastic placemat underneath just in case she'd miss the coloring book and draw on the table.

Well she loved it but she did manage to get marker all over her hands. The package says washable markers so I was thinking ok this will just wash off with soap. Well it didn't really at all. Maybe washable markers means washable for your clothes?

Anyways I ended up getting it off with my husband's shaving cream. She thought it was pretty cool to use the shaving cream and it took it off pretty quickly.

Other things that remove marker from the skin are... -baby wipes -nail polish remover -WD 40 -Cola -baby oil -rubbing alcohol -baking soda and water -sunscreen -vinegar -toothpaste

photo: taken by myself

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