How to redden lips Naturally Without Lipstick - Maybe not everyone will question the color of their lips , especially for men . But did you know , red lips is one of the mandatory requirement that women must possess if he wants to look more beautiful . Even some women who choose to use their lips lipstick that looks red . Though most men prefer women who are naturally red lips , not red as dye hehe .

Well , how your with you ? Do you also want to have red lips without lipstick ? It's easy , you just need to do the following steps :

1 . How to redden lips with Honey

Yup ! exactly once , the first way is to use honey . How? For pemakaiannyapun way is very easy, you just need to smear honey on your lips until evenly during each before bed . Then wash again your lips after you woke up the next day .

2 . How to redden lips with Toothpaste

For tips on the latter, you can use toothpaste as a panacea to make your lips look naturally red . The trick is also the same, namely by applying toothpaste on your lips every time before you sleep . The toothpaste will dry out your lips , so you should membersihannya with water when you wake up the next day

3 . How to redden lips with water puith

The third way is the most simple and safe pling , because without intending to make lips look naturally red too , we 've definitely drinking water . The goal is increase drinking water to keep your lips are not chapped and will be healthier .

Perform three ways that I have mentioned above on a regular basis to get the maximum results . However, all the above methods have disadvantages and advantages that if we use the first method ( with honey ) effeknya would probably look pretty fast on the use of 3-7 days . If we do the way to two ( with toothpaste ) , effeknya generated will tend to be faster , but it will quickly disappear. And if we use no three- way ( with water ) , it would require a rather long process , but we red lips will look longer ( durable ) .

So , how do you dengana ? Are you ready to possess red lips naturally and without lipstick ? silahan trying to do these three tips to make this naturally red lips on a regular basis . Final word I say thank you because you are willing to read my posting this , hopefully the tips How to redden lips Naturally Without Lipstick can be beneficial . Thank you ^ _ ^

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