Hello readers. Leveling your account to level to 30 on League of Legends is a pain in the butt. Playing those long and gruesome games that can take almost an hour, and all for very little xp. I used to do this in order to attain level 30 so I could finally play ranked games. Well I found out a way to power level my account all the way to level 30 in a quick and easy manner. You can do this method with either your friends or with other players online. It is simple to do and is a guaranteed way to get to 30 fast.

  1. (Optional) Buy an bonus xp pack from the store. This will make the power leveling faster, but it is not necessary, but I definitely recommend buying it.
  2. Get a group of you and 2 other players. If you don't have friends that need to power level, join the chat group "power level". This chat room is full of people who want to power level their accounts too.
  3. Create a game, the game with be a Co-Op vs AI 3 v 3 Twisted Treeline match. Invite your friends or the other players.
  4. Start the game and in the champion select, choose an ADC, for example, Ashe, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, anybody with an early damage output is needed to make the game go faster. Set your perks to smite/heal and teleport.

Now once you enter the game, get your items and have you and your other players all go to the bottom lane of the map. There will only be one bot in the bottom lane that will play against you guys. Now once you win, you do the same thing over and over again. These games will take very little time, some last 5 minutes. Without an xp boost, you can get around 40 xp per game, which adds up for the short amount of time that you are playing. This method works and will get you to level 30 in no time. Thank you for reading, if this helped you, share it with your friends so they can power level with you also.