Have you been trying to manage your time as a full time housewife and mom so that you will not be stressed up ? I have a solution for you. Hope this will work for you.

I am a mother to 2 beautiful young daughters and a wife to my handsome husband. :) Honestly, I was stressed up trying to manage all the housework and at the same time taking care of my kids. Sometimes I would get furious with all these just because I could not manage my time. I am a neat and tidy person and I like all tidy. Even their toys I forced them to tidy up every now and then when they messed up the house. I tried to cook for them while they were playing together , but they tend to get attention from me. And this stressed me up. I told myself that this must not go on forever. So , I did soul-searching. And here is the solution.

Instead of having neat and tidy house everytime, why not I just let my kids play and get messy ? At the end of the day before they sleep for the night, I ask them to tidy up all their toys in a basket . They agreed. And they are doing this every night . I can do my housework such as ironing clothes, wash dishes, wash laundry, fold clothes, sweep the floor, etc only at nights once they are asleep. I have tried this and I feel so so good! I can focus on settling the housework with peace of mind. Hence during daytime, I can focus on playing with them , educate them . Simply, my daytime is solely for my kids and my nighttime is for housework.

Of course, there are cons to it. I will have to sacrifice my sleeping hours . For example, my kids usually sleep around 9 pm. I start my housework then and finish around 12pm. Then spend time with my husband as he sleeps late . I've got to wake up around 6am as I need to send my eldest daughter to school . Hence, I have about 3 to 4 hours of sleep.

On a positive note, I can have my afternoon nap with my kids so as to "pay back" my last night's sleep.

Let's make it happen . We as a full time housewife and mom need to manage our time effectively and efficiently. We will make our home and family a happy one ! :)