Today i'm going to teach you how to make your barbie dolls hair like new! So first pick the barbie that you want to fix their hair then get started! First start by trimming your barbies hair. You don't have to cut it just trim the split ends. But you can cut it if you want. Make sure you cut it and trim it even. Before you trim it make sure you spray it with water and brush out all the knots. Then you can add color. It's optional. How you add color is just get acurlic paint and add water. Then you just have to get your barbie doll and put her hair in the paint and water. Let it soak at least for five to six hours but i prefer overnight. I prefer overnight because then the color will get to soak longer and the color will be brighter. You can also just get food coloring and mix it with water and that will be the same as paint and water. Well thats how to do your barbie dolls hair. Thanks for reading!!