A quick "clear" gravy recipe, using a meat broth for a base.

How To Make Clear Gravy

There are many different variations on what is called 'gravy' in the US. Basically, gravy is some sort of drippings-usually from a cooked meat- that has formed a broth and then been thickened and seasoned in some way. Yes, it generally isn't any good for you, but done correctly it is soooooo good. I make two different kinds of gravy, depending on what I'm starting with. One is clear gravy and one is a cream gravy. Here is the recipe that my own mother gave me for the clear.

Clear gravy is commonly made with the drippings of roasts, such as pork, beef or chicken. I usually make it in a sauce pan rather than a skillet (which is what I usually make my cream gravy with).

Ingredients: Broth from a roast, at least one cup or better corn starch-the amount will vary depending on the consistency of the broth or drippings. Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat the broth to boiling point. Mix in ¾ cups of cold water with corn starch (start with 3 Tablespoons) and mix well. Add the mixture to the boiling broth and continue to boil. Stir constantly with a whisk or, if no whisk is available, a slotted spoon or a fork. The gravy will begin to thicken as it boils. If needed, mix more cornstarch and water together and add a bit at a time, allowing for thickening as the boiling continues. This will take several minutes. Cook to desired thickness. Add salt and pepper to taste, or one can can powdered bouillon for added flavor.

I first posted this recipe on Triond a few years ago at http://notecook.com/soup/how-to-make-clear-gravy/