Trash packs are a coveted item among my two boys, they love to expand their collections so the idea of a trash pack birthday for each of them really got them excited. Because I bought new trashies to put on their cakes, it was perfect 'legitimate' way to add to their collections, getting round my husbands policy of "don't give the kids new toys all the time!" Well, I don't, seeing as I'm somewhat of a minimalist, but my husbands idea of a"all the time" differs somewhat from mine. Enough said, lets get onto the cake.

Start with a square or rectangle baked cake, any flavor.

Make up some jello. Green for slime works well, though I have done red jello also. Let it set.

Mix up some frosting/icing in a suitable murky brown/green color. I achieved this by mixing in some cocoa, then adding a few drops each of red, green, blue and yellow coloring until it was a satisfactory trash color.

Frost your cake. Now, it doesn't really matter if you frost it tidily or just slap it on, it is a trash pack cake after all. I have made two of these cakes and applied the frosting differently both times.

Have look at both different cakes at this blog post:

Take a large trash pack bin, the sort you can buy with 5 or 6 trashies in it (empty it) and place it artfully off-center on your cake.

Fill the bin with blobs of the (set) jello.

Scatter m&ms around the bin in small piles and heap them up in small piles on other parts of the cake. Put a few in the bin too.

You can also scatter some chocolate covered sultanas or other suitably colored small, brown candies around with the m&ms.

Take some jelly snakes and have them sliding through the 'trash' (m&ms etc) and have one sliding out of the bin, so put it's tail in the jello.

Now, take your trash pack figures and dot them around the cake, in and around the piles of 'trash.

Put a trashie in the bin also.

You can also add blobs of jello slime onto the cake for an extra slimey effect, but I would only do this if you know the majority of the cake will be eaten right away, because the jello does have a tendency to make the cake a bit soggy after a while. I have made this cake with the jello slime and without.

Add candles, and you're done.


PS: If you would like a more comprehensive tutorial and more pictures, you can find them on my zujava page here :

Image by @CatJB

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