Hi Bubblers This One of my best Post I Think , I Love it and I hope U Love it Do you want to fabricate a prank to your friends without harm them, now you can make a bomb harmless can cause chaos, with household items that don't cost more than 2 dollars. 1) Make a hole in any tennis ball in your home. 2) Attend any missiles concerts pack, and emptied well in the ball hole, and then mix them a little bit inside the ball. 3) Bring a plastic bag to cover the ball after preparation. 4) emptied sodium bicarbonate (baking powder ) with a little vinegar in the ball with gunpowder rockets, then add a thread to the ball , such as a real bomb. 5) Cover the tennis ball well with a plastic bag, preferably be black so it becomes like a regular bomb. 6) lit the string, and then throw the ball near any friend of yours, or anywhere you want to detonate it, for the explosion of the ball which exit powder flour who seems to smoke, and will explode plastic sheeting and gunpowder, causing a exciting reaction by people who go off near them. The tools you need to make this bomb: One cup of flour, a tennis ball, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), vinegar, black plastic bags, string, _ knife. stay tuned All Right Reserved Youssef