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The Halloween season is full of different iconic decorations. Among those decorations that people think of when they are preparing to decorate for Halloween is a black cat. There are many different types of black cats that can be made at home. One really cute black cat that can be used to decorate the inside of a home is a black cat made from homemade pom-poms. Here is how you can make your own cuddly black cat to display in your home during the Halloween season.

Begin this Halloween craft by gathering the materials that will be required to make your black cat. You will need: 1 skein of fuzzy black yarn, four cardboard rings, two black feathers, small triangle of pink felt, two google eyes, ribbon, craft glue, and scissors.

The first step to creating this black cat will be to make the pom-poms that will be used for the body and head of the cat. To do this, stack together two of the cardboard rings. Next cut a very long piece of the yarn and begin tightly wrapping the yarn around the cardboard rings. Wrap the yarn around the rings until the rings have been completely covered with the black yarn. Using a pair of scissors, cut the yarn along the outside of the ring, cutting the yarn all the way around. Take another piece of yarn and tie this around the middle of the pom-pom (between the two pieces of cardboard ring). Cut the two pieces of cardboard ring from around the yarn. The pom-pom is complete. Complete this technique with the other set of cardboard rings.

Next, the two pom-poms need to be attached together. This can either be done by tying the pom-poms together, or they can be glued together with a small amount of craft glue and allow it to dry. After the body and the head of the cat is dry (if required), glue the two black feathers to the top of the cat's head. Use the scissors to trim the feathers so that they will look like cat's ears. Glue the eyes onto the cat's head and also glue the felt triangle nose into place. The final step to completing this cute black cat is to tie a bow around the cat's neck.

These cute black cats can stand guard on the fireplace or in the windows as a part of Halloween decorations. These same instructions can be adapted to make a cute snowman to decorate for Christmas or to make an Easter bunny for Easter. Have fun creating pom-pom cats to decorate your home for Halloween.

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