Ho w to know about a PC Hardware Here we are going to discuss like how to become a hardware engineer, First of all you should have the proper enthusiasm to become a H/W engineer, to learn personal computer hardware just look at your computer hardware components and other devices which are related to your PC, then compare those components with your mobile phones, in upcoming post we will try to give your more suggestions so that you will gradually learn the system components and its importance of its work. Ok now coming back to the point as we said you to compare PC devices with your phone, it enhances the thinking and your vision over the PC devices, for example in mobile phones we have display same in computer hardware we find monitor which I supposed to be like the monitor which is found in computer Then we have keypad in our mobile similar to that particular device we also find the same in computer machine that is keyboard, in keyboard we find alphabets and number and other symbols etc which is used to type or translate what so ever we need. Now taking monitor and keyboard into discussion, see monitor is used only for display device which projects whats ever we are need of, like video or while working with software it shows how to navigate and other etc. In monitor we see many types which is used based on the purpose which we about to, there are many ways to use monitor, same keyboard is to type and it is basically a input device, where keystrokes are converted to letter is system

Now its conclusion, keyboard is input device and monitor is output device So go ahead and think what are all the input and output device are found and just try to think of its working and how it is related to computer usage