Well I'm stuck, that's for sure. I was looking at an article that promises to tell us how to get out from under NSA PRISM spying. My first thought was that I will be under NSA spying because the article had a picture of a wood cabin that does not have indoor plumbing. I am sure that some form of water hauling, latrine digging and wood chopping would go on at that cabin. I am not going for that.

According to The Blaze, there are five ways to go off the grid:

Stop electronic communications (Not an option! I live and breathe electronic communications.)

Use secure browsing to hide your history. Then you won't get the targeted ads. (But I love those prison inmate love ads.)

Encrypt everything. (I can't afford the software. I'm writing THIS in order to pay the internet bill!)

Avoid cell phone tracking. (People need to track my uno what. I could get kidnapped, so track away!)

The Blaze does have a very thorough article about dodging the NSA. Sorry, but it's too technical for real humans. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/06/11/5-ways-to-thwart-the-nsa-and-govt-from-spying-on-you/


  1. Use an off-brand browser or Firefox. Yeah. I can't wait to download and install a browser that is really the gateway to hell. I long for search results that show up in Cyrillic or Mandarin. Prism Break.org has a solution that is gaining a lot of support. https://prism-break.org/

Gizmodo.com endorses Prism-break so take that with a cup of coffee. Then you will at least have some caffeine in you.

  1. In 2011, Google introduced the nomap opt-out option for Google maps. When you get a wi-fi setup, you name your wireless network. Google will track the location of your network and will put it on Google maps. If your wireless network is named "Yourname" you change it to "Yournamenomaps" . No one knows about this, but it is there.

Read this for a better explanation of the _nomap option. http://searchengineland.com/google-announces-nomap-wifi-optout-101134

  1. Keep a lower profile in social networks.

When registering at any site, do not enter your real name, phone number, address or other identifying information unless you are getting PAID. Never give your real birth date. Keep a simple profile. Let no one manipulate you into putting up your real photo or personal information.

Do not put up photos that could become a horrifying meme like the one in the article photo. That poor pothead is in so many joke photos it is not funny. Well, it is funny, but it is not funny, funny. He might want to run for office one day.

Do not drink and post unless you hang out with other people who drink and post. Then you will be messed up, but you will have company.

  1. Remember that resistance to PRISM is futile. If the NSA PRISM people want you, they will show up at your service provider's tacky offices. Your service provider will roll over like a puppy and hand over everything you stored on their servers. The NSA PRISM people wear tight, black suits, pointed shoes and thin ties. Their fedora hats have snappy brims. They wear Ray Bans, too.

  2. Forget all that! Here's to happy high-tech lives during these Orwellian times! Let's just drink and tweet our lives away! Who cares? We're not in Russia!