NBI Satellite Office is Located in Robinsons Lingkod Bayan on Robinsons Novaliches, but many just go there plainly not knowing how does the procedure go there. Here it is. They can only accommodate 400 people a day so you should be there as early as you can. Numbers 1 to 200 for the first batch (10 AM to 1:00 or 1:30 PM) and numbers 201 to 400 for the second batch (2:30 PM to 4:00 or 5:00 PM) Second batch are advice to be early as they can because, before they start operating again, they will be giving out the forms of the applicants.

What to bring -Bring at least 2 Valid Government IDs (SSS, UMID, Pag-ibig, TIN ID, Postal ID, Drivers License, Voter's ID, Passport, etc.) -Old NBI (For Renewal)

So first, how do we get a number? -Usually, NBI release numbers at the Front Gate near Nova Stop at 6 or 7am in the morning, and depending on your number on what time you will be back because NBI Robinsons Novaliches Operates during mall hours (Numbers 1 to 200 - Be back at 10:00 AM | Numbers 201 to 400 - Be back at 2:00 PM) -But it you go there on 6 or 7 Am in the morning, I can't assure you that you can have a number to get. Usually, people go there to get their NBI falls in line as early as 3:00 AM just to be first in the line because that branch are servicing many area like Fairview, Novaliches, Tungko and Even Bulacan.

What's next after having a number? -Depending on your number is the time you will get back to the mall (Numbers 1 to 200 - Be back at 10:00 AM | Numbers 201 to 400 - Be back at 2:00 PM) -When the Operation starts, there will be some people who will assist you on the line base on your numbers. -Just show your number and they will give you a form to fill up. -Fill up the form and while in the line

Payment -After filling up the form, you should be in the line too to pay for your NBI. For local / travel purpose, it's Php 115.00. Check NBI website for more details on other purposes.

Encoding -After paying, fall in line on the Encoding area. Please make sure and look closely on the things they type. Make sure all the details and spellings are correct in encoding your data for your NBI.

Picture and Fingerprint -After encoding, fall in line on the next window, they will take your picture and finger prints (biometrics). Please remove earings, caps or headband before taking a picture. Also you must show your both ears and forehead. Just smile or just simple face, no teeth out!

Wait for it... -Wait for your names to be called beside, they will tell you if you have hit (takes 2 weeks before you get your NBI, gives out your receipt indicating when you can get your NBI Clearance) or not (they will give you immediately your NBI Clearance and Receipt)

EAT! -I know your hungry for the long que and waiting so full yourself and congrats on having your NBI Clearance :)