We’d all like to get 2,000 views per bubble and 500 likes but the reality is that most of us will only get a dozen or so views and perhaps 5 likes. So how do we get more views on Bubblews?

What to do to get more views on Bubblenews:

: Share all your bubbles on Facebook and Twitter – hopefully any followers you have on there will be intrigued enough to click through to your article. : SEO – search engine optimization is very important – the higher ranking your bubble is on Google for decent keywords the better. While I could write tens of thousands of words on this subject, some of the simple concepts are: keyword research – use Adwords.Google.Com to research your keywords and phrases – look for phrases that get up to 25000 potential visitors a month – then go to Google and take a look at your competition for the same key phrase – if there isn’t much then you have a chance of ranking highly. : Forums – if you’re writing on widgets, then visit every widget forum you can and become an active participant – the more you prove yourself to be an expert the more likely other forum users will click through to Bubblews (In most cases I suggest you use a link to a relevant bubble in your profile of each forum : Join other article sites and add a link to your Bubblenews profile in your profile

What not to do to get more views on Bubblenews (these things will probably get you banned):

: Spam the site with 100s of poor articles or scraped articles : Click trade – don’t click someone’s bubbles and EXPECT them to click back : Traffic share – avoid using automated traffic share sites : Ignore the TOS

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